Born in Pescara in 1960, after graduating from art school she moved to Bologna and between 1979 and 1983 she attended the school of artistic luthier craft “Liuteria Artistica Bolognese”: started and managed by Maestro Otello Bignami and sponsored by Comune di Bologna, Regione Emilia Romagna and C.N.A. (the Italian National Craft Trades Confederation).

Between 1983 and 1986 she engaged in the Bolognese luthiers’ consortium “Consorzio Liuteria Bolognese” and she attended a course in musical instruments’ restoration with Prof. Friedmann Helwig, restoring an antique “Pochette” belonging to the Bologna Museums’ collection. In 1985 she attended a further seminar by Prof. Helwig on restoration techniques for antique musical instruments at the Nurnberg National Museum.

Between 1990 and 1992, aiming to broaden her expertise with restoring techniques and her knowledge of woods, she attended the workshop on restoration of antique furniture and artefacts with Maestro Alberto Barducci and she specialised in the old technique of polishing with pad and alcohol.

Along making custom bowed string instruments, she also successfully experimented with plucked instruments, such as guitars, mandolins and lutes.

She is one of the founders of the luthiers’ group G.L.B. (Gruppo Liutai Bolognesi) and she organised important expositions and conferences on the master luthiers’ tradition of Bologna and its region.

Her curious and gregarious nature drove her towards a series of collaborations with other luthiers, while discovering her own creativity. She is specialised in violins, but she produced also several violas and cellos.

Because of the quality and the performance of her instruments she is renowned among Italian musicians, but she is also internationally well-known and her instruments have been played all over the world for years.

Her instruments are handmade, she crafts them in her Bologna studio carefully selecting and treating the wood. For all her pieces she uses the classic M° O. Bignami shape and the original secret recipe for the alcohol-based varnish, typical of the Bolognese and Italian tradition and characterised by its thickness, elasticity and transparency.

She is committed to the study and the divulgation of the Italian luthier tradition and in particular of the Bolognese school. She is president of the association “Effeorizzonti”, within which she gives seminars and organises meetings in schools, museums and libraries.

Many musicians know and play her insturments, in Italy and the rest of Europe, as well as in the United States, China, Japan and the Middle East.

In 2004 she inaugurated the project “Violino d’Autore” aimed at underlining the value of the Italian luthiers’ tradition, preserving the form and the sound, while at the same time expressing the desire and the need to combine this ancient and immutable art with the multifold and mercurial manifestations of the arts. The idea is to pursue pure aesthetics, yet never ceasing to pursue the perfection of sound. This ground-breaking project was embraced by a number of distinguished Italian and international professionals in the field of art, music and culture. M. Bellei G. Berengo Gardin – A. Bergonzoni – A. Clementi — R. Dalisi – M. Deoriti — G. L. Ferretti — Filos – Frisco –T. Guerra — M. Jori –D. Linares — E. Luzzati — L. Mattotti –N. Menetti– L. Muzii — U. Nespolo — E. Riccomini – R. Roversi – F. Scòzzari – G. Shoedl – B. Trabucchi. QUARTETTO A in DO-nne violino L.Anderson, violino L. Sastri, viola B. Trabucchi, violocello G. Fioroni. QUARTETTO B base+1: violino A. Mendini, violino A. Gili, viola M. C. Hamel, violoncello G. Sowden, violino N. Du Pasquier

Her first personal exhibit was in 2007 in Bologna, followed by Cremona, Pescara, Rome, Pesaro, Verona, Pieve di Cento, Bagnara di Romagna, Norwich (UK), and by collective exhibits in Rome, Suzzara, Chiavari, Milano, Verona, Pisogne and Rimini. Notable musicians, such as M° E. Porta, Nuovo Quartetto Italiano, M° L. Marzadori, M° R. Noferini, M° D. Comuzzi, M° C.Rossi, M° Stefano Biguzzi and many others, gave voice to her innovative and transgressive contamination project, playing in a variety of settings (theatres, museums, art galleries, bookstores).

Culmination of her artistic and personal education are her sons Uilli and Filippo.


“I make violins. I love to think that beautiful music is played with my instruments. I learnt from Maestro Otello Bignami who inspired me to become a luthier, commending and guiding my manual abilities to serve the love of music.
Following the tradition of Bolognese master luthiers, my instruments are entirely hand-made, I use the shape of the classic “Bignami” and his recipe for alcohol-based varnish.
The project Violino d’Autore is an experience in search of beauty and sound”.

Media & publications

2007: Documentary film “Storia di un violino” (“History of a violin”) directed by M.Moruzzi

2012: “Violino d’Autore” pubished by Pendragon

2014: DVD “La favola di Otello Bignami” published by Effeeorizzonti

2014: “1917-2014 Otello Bignami Cent’anni Centenary maestro liutaio”

Many articles and interviews on a variety of newspapers and websites.


Bologna ’07. Galleria TA MATETE exhibit and concerts.
Nuovo Quartetto Italiano (A. Simoncini, L. Mazza, D. Comuzzi, L. Simoncini); Ensemble “Musica Dipinta” (A. Guasti, L. Viola, M. Prodi); Duo M° M. Deoriti, M° D. Comuzzi; M° E. Porta; G. Simbola; Laura Marzadori

Rome ’07. EUR “Lo specchio la trottola gli astragali” art exhibition market, presenting two violins: “Violino Nube” (B. Trabucchi), and “Violino Milacè” (Filos)

Cremona ’07. MONDO MUSICA, for the twentieth anniversary of “Salone Internazionale della Musica”. Violinist: M° R. Noferini

Bologna ’07. Inauguration of the library of the Department of Drama, Art and Music Studies of the University of Bologna, in the prestigious PALAZZO MARESCALCHI.

Pieve di Cento FE. ’08. Theatre “ALICE ZEPPILLI”, museum of musical instruments. Within the event: “I Luoghi della liuteria”, exhibits, shows and seminars. Violinist M° E. Sherl.

Suzzara ’08. 46° PREMIO SUZZARA “Nuove Sinestesie”, presenting the violin: “Violino Melina” (N. Menetti), M° A. Urso

Chiavari ’08. “L’ANLAI per TELETHON” Chiavari auditorium, concerts for the Telethon fundraising and exhibit of instruments.

Pescara ’08. Concert for the inauguration of “Huge Wineglass” by the Japanese architect Toyo Ito.
M° M. Magri, “Gruppo da Camera dell’Orchestra Sinfonica di Pescara” conducted by M° P. Veleno.

Pescara ’09. Museum “VILLA URANIA” exhibit and concerts. Violin: Nicola Marvullo; cello: M° Galileo Di ilio; “Kavatik ensemble” (G. Coletti,S. D’Annunzio, R. Jachini, P. Stizza).

Bagnara di Romagna RA ’09. ROCCA SFORZESCA “Rassegna di arte e musica”, Duo: M° R. Noferini (violin), M° C. Cattani (harpsichord); Duo” Pasodoble” (violin: G. Montalyi, guitar: D. Fabbri); Students of “G. Sarti” school in Faenza.

Bologna ’09. VILLA ALDROVANDI MAZZACORATI “Il Suono di Bologna” contemporary luthier show: exhibit and concerts. Violin: G.G. Adamo, cello: M°F. Bruni

Milano ’10 (open until March ’11). III TRIENNALE DESIGN MUSEUM “Quali cose siamo” presenting the violin: “Violino Linda” (N. Du Pasquier) and “Quartetto K” (studio instruments, solid body).

Roma ’10. ALIF cultural association, “Mostra di calligrafia Araba” by M. Al Dilaimini e B. Trabucchi. Special guest: “Violino Nube” (B. Trabucchi)

San Matteo della Decima Bo ’10. UN PAESE ALL’OPERA X EDIZIONE exhibit and concert. “I Pagliacci” opera in a prologue and two acts, with music and libretto by Ruggero Leoncavallo, “Orchestra Sinfonica dei Colli Morenici” conducted by M° Morena Malaguti.

Verona ’10. ABITARE IL TEMPO XXV edition “Giornate Internazionali dell’Arredo” – “ Abitare l’Utopia” presenting violin Muto (study instrument).

Pisogne BS ’10. CHIESA S. MARIA della NEVE 4° Concorso Nazionale di Liuteria – “1° Concorso Internazionale per strumenti musicali antichizzati, esposizione e concerti”, Special guest: “Violino d’Autore”, violinist: M° J. Bertok

Bologna ’12. SALA FARNESE di PALAZZO d’ ACCURSIO for Arte fiera OFF 2012 “I Sensi del Sentire” in collaboration with Conservatorio G.B. Martini di Bologna e isART Liceo Artistico F Arcangeli di Bologna, exhibit and concerts. First show for “Quartetto A in DO-nna”

Milano ’12. CATTEDRALE della FABBRICA del VAPORE “M.I.S.I.A.D. “Milano si autoproducedesign” presenting the Blue Cello “Violoncello Blu” (G. Sowden).

Pescara ’12. Conservatorio L. D’Annunzio “Mostra di liuteria Strumenti musicali ad Arco e a Pizzico,antichi e moderni”

Norwich GB ’12. VIOLINO d’ AUTORE in Norwich “The Violin Art Trail” exhibit.
Concert “The Chapel, Park Lane”, M° Liz Skinner (violin), M° Dominic Hopkins (violin), M° James O’Toole (viola), M° Ivan McCready (cello).

Bologna ’12. SALA BORSA Piazza Nettuno “Fatto ad Arte: La liuteria Famiglie sonore Percorsi storico-musicali tra curiosità e varietà strumentali”, in collaboration with C.N.A. Violinist: M° P. Buconi

Bologna ’12. CORTE ISOLANI Presentation of the catalogue “Violino d’Autore” (published by Pendragon” display of the collection, concert and show. Violinist: M° L. Marzadori. Show by MICROBAND (L. Domenicali e D. Maggio).

Bologna ’12. LIBRERIA delle DONNE Presentation of the catalogue “Violino d’Autore” published by Pendragon. Exhibiting the violins: Risolange (T. Guerra), Azadi (L. Anderson), Nube (B. Trabucchi), Aurora (G. Shoedl) and the cello: Amor (G. Fioroni); Violin concert: C. Malvezzi and S. Dore.

Rimini ’13. MUSEO DELLA CITTA’ “L’Arte del Suono: Il Mestiere del liutaio”. On display the violins: Risolange (T. Guerra), Uilli II (R. Roversi), Gabriella (F. Scozzari), Gigino (L. Muzii), Filippo II (Filos), the cello: Mare (M. Bellei) and the viola: Zeta. Show by the students of the school “Istituto Lettini” in Rimini (C. Mancini, A. Perazzini).

Roma ’13. Casina delle Civette, Villa Torlonia museum “Ezia Di Labio liutaia. Violino d’Autore 21 autori per 23 opere di liuteria”. Quartet: “Tonarius” M° M. Manari, M° R.M. Furlan, M° G. Valenti, M°A.M. Mastromatteo.

Pesaro ’14. EX CUBO “Violino d’Autore in mostra a Pesaro”. Violin duo: M° C. Rossi e M° R. Noferini; violin-viola: M°D. Nuzzoli; violin: G.Paci; violin duo: M° M.C. Ottavi e R. Panni; Orchestra Sabbatini.

Bologna ’14. Libreria TRAME Presentation of the DVD “La favola di Otello Bignami” (published by effeeorizzonti). Gabriella (F.Scozzari) violin M° S.Donzella.

Bologna ’14. PALAZZO RE ENZO “Regali a Palazzo” Presentation of the DVD “La favola di Otello Bignami” (published by effeeorizzonti). – Luna (E.Luzzati); violinista M° S.Donzella.

Verona ’15. MICROMUSEUM “Note d’amore” displaying the violin: Nube (B. Trabucchi), violinist: M° S.Biguzzi.

Sarajevo BiH ’15. NATIONAL GALLERY of BOSNIA and HERZEGOVINA “Muzika na zici” Quartetto M° Violeta Smailovic-Huart, M° Anja Jamsek, M° Petar Obradovic, M° Mathias Johansen.

Bologna ’15. CINEMATEATRO ORIONE concert in support of the project “liuteria en Cuba” cello (G. Fioroni) played by M° G. Sollima

Milano ‘16. MaMu MAGAZZINO MUSICA “Violino d’Autore in mostra” M° A. Bramani with the Quartet of Cameristici Orchestra Carisch

Milano ’17. CASTELLO SFORZESCO “Quando la liuteria incontra il design” guest of the Monzino Foundation in the review Le mani sapienti in exibit the “quartetto B base+1 suono e colore

Bologna ’18 TEATRO COMUNALE di BOLOGNA “Violino d’Autore” Evento: ART CITY WHITE NIGHT M° I. Villanueva-viola eliaemillamillaeelia(G..Ronco), Duet cello M° L.Shirvani, M° E.Melozzi: Mare(M.Bellei), Blu(G..Sowden), Duet A.Quarta-G..Magagnino:violin end piano for the occasion M° Quarta played the violins (Clementi,Filos,Guerra,Luzzati,Muzii).