Violini d’autore

Violini d’autore

The core idea of this project is that our violins are created to make music, then become art and finally return to making music.

At the heart of “Violino d’autore” are the professional violins, violas, cellos, crafted in the Italian luthier tradition and painted by prominent international artists. The project combines music and the other arts, in an interplay between the Italian luthier tradition and Art at large.

All instruments are hand-made by master luthier Ezia di Labio, following the principles of the Bologna luthier school.

Each piece is unique, skilfully made from seasoned timber and acoustically impeccable, then decorated by visual artists from all over the world, using a variety of techniques, expressing and impressing the artist’s own style and identity on the instrument.

We are used to think about violin making as a self-contained established tradition, but this dialogue among the arts makes it possible for a classic instrument to evolve, without changing its shape and, most importantly, its sound. It’s a mutation process which only affects the surface, not the essence.

No two musical instruments are alike to begin with. Each artist then, using non-invasive techniques, further personalises the piece with absolute creative freedom. And thus a truly unique collection is born.

In a time characterised by intense and fecund artistic contamination, “Violino d’Autore” is a new encounter between the arts: the traditional luthier art of Ezia di Labio, the fine arts and literary creativity.

The exhibits of “Violino d’Autore” are outstanding, one-of-a-kind events: musical events where the concert is integral part of the exhibit, so that the instruments/works of art may express their coupled aesthetic and acoustic value.